You are here: SolarNow crowdfunds to boost solar irrigation in Uganda


SolarNow launches a crowdfunding campaign on Lendahand in a bid to increase the availability of solar powered irrigation systems among smallholder farmers in Uganda.

SolarNow, a company supporting access to energy for low income people in sub-Saharan Africa, has partnered with FuturePump, a Kenyan producer of low-costs solar water pumps, to make the product available to farming communities in Uganda.

By allowing their clients to spread the cost over 24 months and to enjoy continued technical support, SolarNow has made the product increasingly affordable and popular among farmers.

The systems enable farmers to pump drinking water for their cows during the dry season, thereby saving costs for transporting water to their farms and stimulating milk production at times when the milk is scarce and price is high. They also enable harvest farmers to increase their agricultural output and lower the risk of losses by addressing irrigation woes during periods of drought.

The company is looking to expand their market and needs to raise Euros 50,000 to purchase an additional container of water pumps.

This crowdfunding campaign is supported by UK Aid via Energy 4 Impact’s Crowd Power programme. A limited number of vouchers for the value of 50 Euros are available to new lenders at Lendahand on first-come-first serve basis. To find out more about the campaign follow this link:doubleyourreturn. If you are a new lender and are you interested in using a voucher, please click here to get one or send an email to