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Energy for livelihoods

We work with businesses to eradicate energy poverty in Africa

Energy helps local communities to thrive, improves quality of life and breaks the cycle of poverty

1.3 billionWith no electricity

1.3 billion people around the world lack access to electricity - 84% are in rural areas.

2.7 billionRelying on biomass

2.7 billion people - 38% of the world's population - use solid biomass for cooking and heating.

4.3 millionPremature deaths

Each year, 4.3 million people die prematurely from burning biomass in inefficient stoves in poorly ventilated spaces.
African traibal person standing next to solar panel

Energy access changes everything

We develop markets to close the energy gap

How it works

Most initiatives are targeting large infrastructure projects. This however does little to expand energy beyond the grid.

To achieve universal access, 60% of new electricity provision should come from small-scale, decentralised, renewable energy solutions to off-grid areas. This is the natural domain of small businesses.

This is the focus of our work.

Our strategy is to support the growth of these businesses, which translates into:

Efficient cookstoves

Powered households and institutions

More productive businesses

Economically empowered women

Energy in humanitarian contexts

Our approach has provided access to 15.5 million people

  • 3,634 businesses supported
  • 9,366 jobs created
  • 12.3 million tonnes of CO2 avoided
  • $111 million raised to support businesses

Our business model

Building markets for a sustainable impact

We provide energy businesses some of the enabling resources they need to grow including: skills, technology, capital, delivery network.

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