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Helping a solar phone-charging firm expand

Helping a solar phone-charging firm expand

We helped solar lighting micro-enterprises to develop marketing plans and strategies, source quality products and obtain funding.

Access to finance for these small retailers is often minimal, so we helped them devise creditworthy business plans and, in some cases, offered partial risk guarantees to lenders.

Joseph Robert ran a solar phone-charging business in Northern Tanzania. There was a strong demand for his services from consumers who are far removed from the national electricity grid. After technology and business training with us he expanded into the sale and installation of solar systems.

One of his clients was the Mtumbulo secondary school in Nyanzumula village. The school had been using a diesel generator during the day and relying on candles and kerosene lanterns in the evenings. Joseph installed a 60W system and since then, the headmaster estimated the school saved $190 per month, all of which were used to purchase books and equipment.