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Powering Opportunities Partnership – Productive Energy Use Action-Research Projects in sub-Saharan Africa


The Powering Opportunities Partnerships (POP) is component of the UK Department for International Development (DFID)’s wider Transforming Energy Access Programme. POP aims to demonstrate how the off-grid energy sector can stimulate local jobs and create local economic value in the region.

The Productive Energy Use (PEU) is a specific challenge fund within POP aimed at providing grant support to action research projects and partnerships that can create and drive productive electricity demand in off-grid and rural areas in sub-Saharan Africa.


The first call for proposals under PEU closed on 28th February, 2019. There was an incredible response to the call with over 2x more proposals than expected, demonstrating a high level of demand.

As a result of the high number of applications received, the timelines for assessing these and selecting the projects to move on to the next phase (detailed applications) have been extended. Applicants should receive notification by email from the Carbon Trust about whether their project has been selected for the next phase during the week commencing 15th April. Subsequent deadlines will also be updated in due course.

The teams at Energy 4 Impact and Carbon Trust are really looking forward to assessing the proposals for “next-generation” work on increasing off-grid energy demand in ways that unleash opportunity and economic value creation in SSA’s rural areas – the next frontiers of development in the OGE space!


Please visit  the Carbon Trust website.