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Energy 4 Health

Millions of people are exposed to toxic emissions from cooking fuels and kerosene lanterns, which can cause chronic health conditions, like heart disease and cancer. We work with micro-entrepreneurs and companies who produce cleaner fuels, more efficient cookstoves and solar lighting products.

Health centres, vaccine dispensaries and hospitals are also central to our work, as access to reliable electricity improves the quality of healthcare.

PowerGen is a renewable energy company that provides off-grid communities in Kenya with access to energy through micro-grids. Thanks to one of the micro-grids in Ololailumtia, a trading village in the Maasai Mara that’s 100 km and a three-hour drive from Kenya’s national grid, three outpatient clinics are now able to power lab equipment, store medicines in refrigerators and attend emergencies at night.

“We have been able to store drugs that require very low temperatures, including vaccines.  This has in turn reduced drug procurement costs and increased the range of supplies we can keep and administer. Additionally, we are able to conduct our own laboratory tests, rather than relying on the nearest hospital”, says Vincent, one of the clinician at the Otilit Clinic, recently connected to the micro-grid.