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Energy 4 Education

Improved access to energy means children can have a better education. This is particularly true in poor households where children spend much of the day helping in the fields and doing chores. Modern energy can reduce the burden so children have more time to go to school and study. It also means better lighting for studying after dark and access to information using computers and the internet.

We work with businesses that provide solar-powered electricity to schools as well as companies building and installing improved institutional cookstoves in school kitchens.

In Uganda, Energy 4 Impact works with 12 manufacturers who provide certified, high-quality cookstoves to schools. They have installed cookstoves in 515 schools, benefiting 204,170 students and staff, who can now enjoy properly cooked meals and a smoke-free environment. The schools are able to save up to 60% of the cost of firewood - money that can be spent on books and equipment to improve learning conditions.