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Energy 4 Agriculture

Cleaner reliable energy services enable farmers and agribusinesses in developing countries to increase food production and engage in value-added processing. New technologies, such as solar food dryers and solar water irrigation, allow farmers living off-grid to replace expensive diesel generators with cheaper and cleaner technologies. The solar agricultural market is still in the early stages of development and barriers include the relatively high technology costs, limited awareness of the benefits, lack of appropriate policy incentives and limited access to finance for farmers and technology suppliers to boost affordability.

We support enterprises that adopt, develop and market sustainable, cost-effective solutions for agricultural production, post-harvest and storage processing, including solar pumping, cooling, chilling and drying. These technologies result in saved costs, increased yields and local value capture for farmers or local agro enterprises. Our advice to businesses includes markets entry, product pricing, sales strategies, market assessments, payment solutions, route-to-market strategies and the agricultural value chain.

Small scale solar irrigation

Working with farmers and suppliers to develop small scale solar irrigation markets.

Solar refrigeration

We help companies identify the potential for off-grid solar refrigeration in the horticulture industry.