You are here: Energy 4 Impact joins Kiva to promote green microloans on Earth Day


In the run-up to Earth Day this weekend, has launched a campaign which promotes loans to companies that positively impact our environment.

Energy 4 Impact is supporting the initiative by providing $25,000 in match funding to campaigns that contribute to accelerate energy access in the form of solar, energy efficient cookstoves and biogas in Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia.

The overall campaign will support many different types of loans ranging from clean energy loans that lower the cost and environmental impact of energy in remote areas, to loans for organic agriculture that protect and restore local ecosystems while generating higher levels of income, to loans for bio-digestors, which provide clients with free and clean natural gas while generating organic fertilizer which they can use or sell for an additional income stream.

Energy 4 Impact’s match funding for energy access campaigns is part of the Crowd Power programme funded by UK Aid seeking to stimulate, develop and learn from crowdfunding into renewable energy enterprises in sub Saharan Africa and Asia.

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