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When a community has access to electricity, it has access to more economic opportunities. New businesses can be established, existing companies can grow and jobs can be created. Businesses from restaurants to shops can operate with longer opening hours.

We have helped hundreds of micro-entrepreneurs establish viable service businesses that meet the needs of users in off-grid areas. We also work with mini-grid developers to build the capacity of the businesses they serve.

JUMEME Rural Power Supply set up a solar-powered mini-grid on the Lake Victoria island of Ukara, with the capacity to provide reliable and affordable electricity to nearly 2,000 households and over 200 businesses. Energy 4 Impact is playing a key role by advising local entrepreneurs, helping them to make informed decisions on how to use the electricity to increase productivity and profitability.

One of these entrepreneurs is Samweli Nyakalege, who uses the mini-grid power for rice and maize milling. He can now serve more customers more quickly and efficiently and, thanks to the increased volume of sales, he is able to employ more staff. He now plans to raise more funding to further expand his business.